Private Health Service Plans (PHSP) for Canadian Businesses


Why Choose Coast Mountain Benefits For Your PHSP?

Coast Mountain Benefits is owned and operated by a Chartered Professional Accountant/Chartered Accountant and a tax expert in the area of private health services plans.

Being owned and operated by a CPA, CA* and tax expert in the area of private health services plans ensures that Coast Mountain Benefits has the expertise to ensure that your PHSP is structured properly and administered in accordance with the latest CRA legislation, rulings and case law. We feel that a cookie cutter approach and online signup are inappropriate for setting up a PHSP. We get to know your business and structure your plan accordingly.

We believe that documentation is the most important criterion.

When we created this company we researched all relevant Canada Revenue Agency criteria including those found in:

  • The Income Tax Act
  • Income Tax Regulations
  • Federal Tax Case Law
  • Income Tax Rulings
  • Interpretation Bulletins

Then we decided the best way to set up and document your private health services plan. We feel that the number one key to establishing a PHSP that qualifies under the Income Tax Act, is appropriate documentation. We don't use a cookie cutter registration process. We discuss your business with you and tailor a PHSP to your business.

We stay up to date with relevant tax legislation and proposed changes.

We subscribe to a complete Federal Tax Library with access to relevant legislation, rulings, case law, and publications. In addition we subscribe to a Federal Income Tax News service. This way Coast Mountain Benefits stays up to date with the latest CRA changes that concern your plan. This allows us, for example, to accurately adjudicate your claims.

We are so confident in our PHSP expertise that...

We offer free professional development on the subject of private health services plans to accounting firms.

We understand the relevant criteria and we take the time to discuss how it relates to your business and your private health service plan.

When you discuss the PHSP with your accountant, you can do so in an informed manner and this will save you money. Additionally, we at Coast Mountain Benefits understand what information your accountants need. We are willing to discuss the plan and relevant criteria with your accountants so that their work for you can be set up in the most efficient manner possible, again saving you money.

We make certain that all personal health information remains private.

Coast Mountain Benefits adheres to the requirements set out in the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) In October 2004 the Federal Cabinet declared the PIPA to be substantially the same as the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and exempted British Columbia companies from PIPEDA as they are covered under the PIPA legislation. See our Privacy Policy.

We make sure all claims are eligible for payment under the Income Tax Act.

Coast Mountain Benefits has a strict claim adjudication process that is designed to determine if claims are eligible under Section 118.2(2) of the Income Tax Act.